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A New DXCC Certificate - Vintage Gear Jun 11th 2017, 21:49 1 8,156 on 11/6/17

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A New DXCC Certificate - Vintage Gear K6CTW on 11/6/17
When, in my now 50+ yrs of ham radio, I decided I wanted to make DXCC CW, I also decided to see if that could be achieved with the same gear I began my radio career with all those years ago. It took over 2 years using that gear (DX-60 Drake 2-B) and only a simple inverted V fed with window line, but it did get completed. Now this is no super feat, and I'm not a super op, but it was a very enjoyable challenge and one that can be pointed to with pride. My suggestion therefore is that the ARRL provide either certificates, or endorsement stickers for those using vintage (say pre 1980) gear and modulation (e.g AM) at low power (less than 150 W) and high power.
I'm sure many of the "boatanchor" enthusiasts would really enjoy the challenge of taking their say BC-610/BC-348, or Collins 75A-1/32V-2 combos and attaining DXCC High Power AM or CW with it. This could even be extended to the WAS award.
Thoughts? Ken Miller, K6CTW

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