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RTTY DXCC ? W5CPT on 17/8/11
*LA7WCA Arne wrote a email to ARRL and got an email from NC1L which says something like "that there are more people having interest of PSK31 than RTTY"
Why haven't there been any pool in ARRL / QST asking if the DXCC RTTY Award is wanted renamed or not kept as RTTY ?

Why we having MANY BIG DXpedition which are running thousands of RTTY QSO and 1000 ++ people which are VERY active in CQ WW RTTY and CQ WPX RTTY...and other RTTY contests ?

I have seen there is a few QRV in PSK31 PSK63 contests, there are almost no one compared to RTTY contest and DXing.

I don't see the clue of collecting DXCC in RTTY in contest and DXing in future, from now it doesn't count for me...

I have make lot of new hams interested in RTTY which are little shy to use SSB etc. This is how they can learn how to operate radio and take next steps on the air...
It is about recruits into our Hobby and to create interesting new targets for the youth..
Youth, recruits, contesting, DXing and computer is future of hamradio...
Isn't the future of young hams and ALL mode for newbie target for ARRL ===??? Because most of you already have had this award yourself???
I remember my first RTTY QSOes was when I was 12-13 yrs old operating with my father while I was in the radio course in the clubstation... that is my history why I still love CW and RTTY since early days.

As I can read on RTTY reflector and on eham is that other thinking that this is a step in wrong direction to rename am award in lack of interests?

What will be the next in the future?
Maybe it will be to rename DXCC CW to Digital CW because people don't use their straight key, but they are using the computer CW is also a kind of digital mode... or Phone will be D-STAR or similar for that folk wants to have for their Award...?

May it had been better having an award of RTTY and 2nd of Mixed Digital for
PSK31 ,JT65M, Hellscreibe etc with extra text for that "mode" you wanted to grant award for..

I hope some other society coming up with a new Award to those which never had chance to get the DXCC RTTY award.

I always wanted to be a member of ARRL to support development of LOTW and DXCC Program, but now it is not so very valuable for me to be a member since I never can get this RTTY award after MANY years for DXing and RTTY contests....

So for now we can make our own Award for DXCC RTTY and woody plaque with RTTY in the workshop:) Since it will always belongs to the history and I never can get it either from LOTW or DXCC.

Next year I will let my ARRL membership go to some other Society!

73 LA6FJA Rag

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