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W1AW/P in CW Credit Aug 25th 2014, 22:07 2 7,116 on 12/9/14
Time for any of the LoTW available Awards Evaluation Feb 15th 2012, 11:54 1 7,583 on 15/2/12

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W1AW/P in CW Credit we0dx on 25/8/14
Hi everyone,
Im looking for the WAS endorsement for CW, and my plans were to do it with W1AW so I get two with one shot. The thing is that I miss a couple of states. The question (maybe obvious, but anyway): Can I make the missing states and use the W1AW/P stations for credit for the others states that I worked. Even missing the W1AW "endorsement, or award or contest".

Thanks in advance,
Joel, WP3ME
Logbook of the World K1DFT on 16/2/12
In mac is more simple to setup LoTW with Aether: it will be even more straight forward than in windows and AC log... But as all windows to mac transition I had to get used to it since things are done a little different (aether vs ACLog)... Drop me a message if you want, I thing I can give you a hand... (at)

Time for any of the LoTW available Awards Evaluation we0dx on 15/2/12
Hello everybody,
This is something I really think about it in this past weeks. How much time does it takes to evaluate an award application via the LoTW? Since this will be my first award (Worked All States) I was thinking that with LoTW this is going to be very fast, but I make my application almost a month ago and still nothing. Since I don't know how they process it I, obviously, can't make any judgement and Im not trying to, and my intentions with this post are not bad, but rather I want to understand this kind of process.

Any comments?

73's to everone,
Joel Vazquez, WP3ME

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