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Band Segment Filters for Transceivers on Same Band, Different Modes WB6FRZ on 15/2/13
Do you have experience with this interference in past operations or are you trying to do your homework for a future operation?

Operating in-band at 100 watts is not difficult at all in my experience if you have modest (say 300 ft on 20 meters) antenna spacing and opposite polarizations. The big problem is if one of your transmitters produces a lot of broadband hash (most do) that raises the noise floor on the receiver at the other end of the band. No amount of receive filtering will fix that and transmit filtering would be tricky.

Elecraft (and I think Ten-Tec also) have worked very hard to reduce broadband hash on transmit. This is one of many things that make the K3 a popular DXpedition radio. I'm not sure what the status of other companies' efforts are. I know from experience that the FT-857, IC-706, and IC-7000 are noisy.
NAQP SSB Question Macromancer on 25/8/11
Absolutely! My name is uncommon among anyone over the age of 10 and it's all short characters on CW (and so doesn't contain a lot of power as well as flying by at 35 wpm). I tend to use "Bob," but I've used others. Somebody once mentioned forming an NAQP SSB team called "The Talking Eds." It's also common to memorialize a recent SK by using their name.

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