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High SWR Inverted L Jul 26th 2014, 22:46 5 5,952 on 6/5/15

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High SWR Inverted L KC7QHE on 29/7/14
Thanks. Borrowed RigExpert AA54. It shows a dip at 4.010MHZ I had not though about the background noise. Antenna receives good. Will keep working on it.
High SWR Inverted L KC7QHE on 26/7/14
Put this inverted L up with what materials I had available. Have two wooden power poles set 127' apart. They are 55' and 50' above ground at the top. Used #4 stranded copper wire with THHN type insulation still on. The vertical portion goes up 50' and then horizontal for 126'. The ground plane consists of 14 wires, #12 to #8 stretched out 140' to 150', depending on what was available.
I have used a MFJ-259 analyzer connected to the base of the pole, no feed line. All across the spectrum 1.7MHZ to 60MHZ the SWR is pegged high. The resistance will drop to 200 ohm at several points but mostly is pegged high.
I had this to tune up somewhere in the HF spectrum but no luck. What am I doing wrong. Would appreciate any suggestions

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