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Convert ADIF tyo CABRILLO AI4FH on 12/11/13
Hello Wes,

I have seen quite a few ADIF - to - Cabrillo converters. I have never used one, so I am unable to provide a specific recommendation. I can tell you, however, that most generate a file that takes some work to be accepted by the contest log robot. They never seem to come out perfect. I very highly recommend using a contest logging program just for contesting, for these reasons:

1) A contest logging program will generate a Cabrillo file, and it will likely be correct the first time, provided you've set the program up properly.

2) Most contest logging programs will also generate an ADIF file, which you can then import into Logger32 for awards tracking.

3) Contest logging programs are better for contest use. Much like a race car, it might not be comfortable for daily use, but you'll find that it performs much better "on the track."

Luckily, you have some time before this weekend to investigate a contest logger, if you were so inclined. The software that comes to mind is N1MM Logger (, TR log by N6TR (, CT ( - out of development, but simple to use). There are many, many others. While I am not affiliated with any of them, I use N1MM at home - and it's free to download and use.

If you do decide to use your current software and a converter, I recommend taking a look at the Cabrillo specifications ( to be sure that the file you generate will be acceptable; as I mentioned earlier, files generated by these converters are usually problematic.

Good luck, and I hope to work you this weekend!

Mike N1TA
ARRL Contest Branch Manager
SS Contest Stratgy W9FY on 28/10/13
I wouldn't say "hard to impossible." Plenty of stations work the sweep each year. In fact, operators at my station (built for DX contests) last year worked a sweep and my antennas are poor to the southwest. Being in 9-land, you stand at an advantage as well.

As for propagation prediction software, I am unaware of any program that will produce useful results for such close-in contacts. However, I would certainly look into EZnec and even YW (Yagi for Windows) as two programs that will help with modeling your antennas. Once you have an effective model of each antenna, you will be better able to plan your effort.

As a side note, last year a 5 element 15 meter monobander was often beat by a low (30' high) 40m dipole for working sections on 15m out to Michigan/Ohio from here.

73 es GL
Mike, N1TA
Contest Results Waiting Record AH6OY on 2/10/13
Every contest is different. I cannot answer for the IOTA contest, as that is administered by the RSGB (not the ARRL). You will find the average seems to be about 7 months, and even longer for the major DX contests. I am not aware of any large contest that can turn results around within two months.

Decreasing this wait period is the current goal of most contest organizers. We are working here to publish results for our contests more quickly, and the widespread use of computer logging is making that increasingly easier. However, keep in mind that faster results often means shorter deadlines for entry submissions, and some operators still use paper logging for submission.

Mike N1TA
ARRL Contest Branch Manager
2012 Sweepstakes Plaques? VA7DZ on 1/10/13
Hello, the 2012 plaques will be out shortly. They will arrive before this year's event. We have made some changes to the processing to get plaques out the door faster, and will continue working to shorten the lead time even further in the future. Thanks for participating, and I hope to hear you on this year.

Mike N1TA
Contest Branch Manager
Field Day submission email crashing WP2XX on 10/7/13
Hello Bob,

Please attempt to send the email again to We have repaired the problem and it should now work for you.

Mike N1TA
ARRL Contest Branch Manager

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