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Windows 8 Compatibility N5LB on 21/12/12
for the record, which version of windows 8 are you running? I bought two new laptops, but they wont run any of my radio software , and when HRD or FLDIGI is setup it crashes with PC error messages. disconnect radio, all is fine again.
2 Meter Inverted V Antennas kf7vxa on 20/11/12
I know this post is old and probably wont even be viewd again, however, a 2 meter inverted Vee, is a great antenna for LOCAL FM and SSB..

I have built a couple and found that while I get the expected attenuation on FM it still works just fine for local repeater work, and some simplex operations. Because of the difference in polarity a perso should not expect great results from this antenna for everyday use on FM, unless the others that you talk to are also using same polarity. Noise can be cut down on, and a little extra miles added. I gained about 6 miles when in horizontal versus vertical, over average ground. 25 feet up on a mast in the Great Plains of South Dakota.

I recently came back to the inverted Vee out of boredom. I have very little VHF or UHF activity around this part of Oregon because of the cascades and other mountain ranges we live in. a repeater is pretty much an essential item around here, unless you live well above the city. we rarely are able to cover 30 miles on simplex, and this is typically done by the bigger guns of VHF.

SSB operation on it is great though. I have worked several satellites FM as well. still not able to get into Medford 30 miles away on SSB normaly, but I have landed a couple. Otherwise everything stays pretty much in our bowl. Out on the plains though ssb on the inverted Vee was excellent, could have only been made better by making a true flat top dipole out of it. because of its relative small size, I had a hard time tweaking the antenna to do much else, there isnt a lot of length to try and play with to get directional results out of it by bringing both legs closer in front versus off to the side.

seeing this post makes me want to build another one and see what I can do with a couple wavelengths as inverted Vee.

73 all

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