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Plans for LoTW? NK7Z on 12/12/12
In my estimation the future of LoTW is 'shaky'.....

I just spent a couple of hours trying to help a fellow ham reinstall his LoTW. He was pulling his hair out and since I am a happy LoTW user I thought I could be of help. Boy was I wrong.

I must have been very lucky when I got my LoTW up and running a year and a half ago because trying to reinstall it on his computer was an exercise in frustration.

It took him over 3 weeks, 2 email requests and a phone call to finally get a new certificate. His initial email request for a new certificate never was answered.

Next he didn't have any luck getting LoTW to recognize his new certificate - that's where I thought I could help him. No dice. The program will just not recognize his .tq6 file.

Anyway this ARRL member for over 40 years is seriously wondering why he's a member if he can't use the services his membership fees are supporting.

I hope they get this fixed soon - it's just NOT user friendly, particularly to those not computer geeks.


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