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Novemeber 2017 - Antenna Analyzer rrmccabe on 5/1/18
They moved to
Overseas Membership Fees, no longer such a bargain. G0KZZ on 29/5/12
I was also one of those 'overseas' members.

The basic point that you are missing is that, as an overseas member, the only 'service' available to us was the annual CD.

Now you have taken away that option, which had all THREE journals on it and left us with access to only ONE journal. That is a reduction in benefit for the price paid and is why I did not renew my membership. The wait for the CD to see the content of QST etc was of no consequence for me and I suspect not for other overseas members either.

The ARRL really has shot itself in the foot with this one, you only have to read the complaints on numerous other forums.

Terry Mowles VK5TM

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