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How do I contact W1AW/4 on CW and RTTY? Nov 22nd 2014, 16:16 2 5,161 on 24/11/14
Contest QSOs: Valid for LoTW entry? Nov 17th 2014, 20:37 4 7,642 on 24/7/16

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How do I contact W1AW/4 on CW and RTTY? NE8K on 22/11/14
I've just rebuilt my station and interfaced the Kenwood to the computer via HRD software. Up until now, I've been a casual HF user, doing mostly SSB and 10M FM contacts & ragchewing. Now though, I would like to explore the digital modes, learn contesting, and be a bit more active. Unfortunately there is a bit of a learning curve, especially when it comes to CW and RTTY.

I've searched online for some answers, but though I can find massive amounts of technical operation about CW / RTTY / AFSK, etc. there is not much information about how to communicate once you DO get the hardware sorted out.

Specifically, my two immediate problems is how to communicate on CW and RTTY. My case in point is how to log a successful QSO with W1AW/4 on both CW and RTTY.

I head this on the radio today:

Though I tried to answer, I got no response. I assume it is because the W1AW/4 station is listening on a different frequency, but I cannot seem to discover which one it is; whether it's 500 Hz, 1Khz, or something else, I just can't find it. I saw W1AW transmitting some responses, that listed other station callsigns, followed by a series of 5NN, FL and other characters, but I don't know what these mean. Is there some sort of primer that I can use that discusses operations protocols for conducting successful CW QSOs ?

I ran into the same exact issue when trying to QSO via RTTY: The W1AW/4 station was transmitting, but whenever I returned my call, I got no response. Am I supposed to run a split frequency on my tranceiver, with a different receive / transmit frequency pairing? What is the standard split?

I'm pretty sure my rig is working, as just a few Khz up, I successfully conducted a QSO with a station in Romania. At least, I think I did, anyway. Their response was something on the order of:
NE8K 59 NNY 73 , and that was it. Are CW contacts always this brief? What sort of essential information am I supposed to relay when conducting a CW contact?

Any help would be appreciated.

Contest QSOs: Valid for LoTW entry? NE8K on 22/11/14
Very helpful, AA6E, thank you.
Now that I have LOTW running, I have rebuilt the station, and gotten the TS680 interfaced well enough to QSO with overseas stations on CW, PSK31, and Olivia, among others. I'll put those contest contacts into LOTW, and use my best estimate on the QSO times for the first few; The rest of them I have good times documented.

Now I need to figure out CW protocols, but I'll write a separate thread about that particular problem
Contest QSOs: Valid for LoTW entry? NE8K on 17/11/14
I tried my hand at the ARRL November sweepstakes, and spent a lot of time trying to figure out the LoTW software. I think I finally got it running (can't be sure, as I have no confirmed entries). As a new contester, I made a lot of mistakes, especially at first in not logging my QSO times. I mean, I can estimate within about half an hour. I did everything on paper, since I couldn't figure out the software, on what fields get put where, what to call the class, where the sent and recieved index numbers go, where to place the check number, etcetera.

Now I've got this nice list of QSOs, from stations all over Canada and the CONUS. I didn't get any names for the QSO, just a callsign and the contest information. The Cabrillo format list that I hand-generated has been successfully submitted for the contest. Are these QSOs something that I should attempt to enter into Logbook of the world? If so, how does the LoTW deal with QSOs in which I didn't exchange names with the operator? Does a fifteen second QSO even count, if there was no reception report? What's the conventional wisdom of what contacts get logged where?

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