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450 Laying On The Ground? Dec 16th 2018, 19:57 3 934 on 19/12/18
RIF In Shack On Some Bands - HELP Oct 8th 2018, 15:22 3 2,048 on 18/11/18

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450 Laying On The Ground? VK4CCV on 19/12/18
Thanks John,

Sorry for the delay - I have been testing you're work.
Boy, as it made a huge difference or not !!!!

I just played the excess 10' on the ground and the Feed Line now drops directly to ground where as it used to be at a 45 degree angle.

I now hear and send a lot stronger, but I think that's due to the feed line dropping at right angles to the dipole.

Thanks again John.

450 Laying On The Ground? VK4CCV on 16/12/18
Hi All,

I have a Dipole that is used as my primary. It's height varies based on the weather conditions (windy I will lower it a few feet, No wind, I will crank it up some).

The maximum height is 33'. The Feedline is 33' of 450 ohm into a 1:1 balun.

When I lower it, I can have around 10' of the feed lying on the ground.
I understand the SWR will move, but that's fine as the tuner will take care of that.

What I am wondering is, when it does lie on the ground, would I lose any effectiveness of the antenna - understanding that radiations will change due to a lower antenna??


RIF In Shack On Some Bands - HELP VK4CCV on 8/10/18
I have just erected a Alpha Antenna 60’ J-Pole Sr, which is up at this moment around 20’.

I feed that from the shack with LMR-240 where the Coax length would be around 30’. There is no Choke being used.

The house is a two story type, where floor level is around 12’ above ground.

Grounding System is an Earth Stick directly below the shack window. ½” Earth Wire comes into the shack and is also around 12’ in length. This goes directly to the Tuner then onto my FTDX5000.
I use a SCU-17 which I use for the digital modes.

When I apply power to the antenna on 20 Meters, the SWR is just under 1.5 without using the Tuner.

I am noticing that when I use the digital modes on 20 Meters and a couple of others where I am only running 50 Watts, the SCU-17 will lock up.

I obviously have RF in the shack on some bands, but deciding what to do about it, I am unsure.

When I place all the cables (USB Input, Output to Rig, RS232 Cable) in a closed fist, the issue continues.

But, if I just touch the outside housing of the SCU-17 the problem goes away.

OK…… the big question, what approach do I take to resolve the issue?


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