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Common Mode Choke - HELP Apr 17th 2020, 04:54 7 5,982 on 22/4/20
450 Laying On The Ground? Dec 16th 2018, 19:57 3 5,926 on 19/12/18
RIF In Shack On Some Bands - HELP Oct 8th 2018, 15:22 3 6,785 on 18/11/18

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Common Mode Choke - HELP VK4CCV on 22/4/20
Thanks Zak,

Much appreciated for your assistance with this one mate.

Common Mode Choke - HELP VK4CCV on 20/4/20
Hey Zak, To follow on from this, what would you recommend on the output side of the Amp?

There is about a 5' rn from the Amp, to the Floor (currently LMR195) that goes through a floor mounted Feed-Through (SO-258), then about 15' of 213 to the balun.

First, is the 5' of 195 sufficient to handle the max 1500 or do you recommend replacing this with 213?

What Choking would you employ?

Common Mode Choke - HELP VK4CCV on 17/4/20
Thanks Zak,

Yes, I have a run of 450 twin-leadrunning off at right angles to the actual Dipole itself. The Twin=Lead then goes into a 4:1 Balun then the 1:1 Common Mode sits behind that.
This then connects to a 25' of RG213 into the shack.

The only run of RG195 is to interconnect the FT5000 to the ACOM that has 17 turns on a FT240-43 Core and is about 3' long.

I am hoping this interconnection is OK and I have not gone overboard with the 17 turns.


Common Mode Choke - HELP VK4CCV on 17/4/20
G'Day Everyone,

OK, I am hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.
I have a FTdx-5000 which was the main RF generator.
I had a Common Mode Choke at the Antenna Feed-Point (Dipole).
I have never had issues with creating RFI and what RFI I had caused was easily snubbed out.

Now, I have purchased a new ACOM-1500, which is about to be delivered and guessing that with this extra power available I may increase the risk if causing problems.

The RF Patch Cable that I have made, which will go from the 5000 out to ACOM in, I have wound 17 turns of LMR195 onto a FT240-43.

I this a bit of overkill, or is this fine?

450 Laying On The Ground? VK4CCV on 19/12/18
Thanks John,

Sorry for the delay - I have been testing you're work.
Boy, as it made a huge difference or not !!!!

I just played the excess 10' on the ground and the Feed Line now drops directly to ground where as it used to be at a 45 degree angle.

I now hear and send a lot stronger, but I think that's due to the feed line dropping at right angles to the dipole.

Thanks again John.


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