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ARRL policies and practices Apr 28th, 13:22 4 801 on 2/5/19

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Remote Stations count for DXCC K8YYY on 4/8/19
It's astonishing no one from the League can explain the League's policy.
Which Forum for discussing ARRL policy? W5INC on 29/6/19
Apparently the League has no desire to discuss policy given no venue exists to do so.
Remote Stations count for DXCC K8YYY on 2/5/19
Thanks for the response but the link doesn’t explain the rationale nor the purpose of allowing such contacts to be accredited. Neither can our DXAC rep or DD who were not involved. Can no one at the League add any clarity?
ARRL policies and practices k1vsk on 1/5/19
We are all well aware of the current practice. My question was prompted by the assumption that the League might want to become more focused on being prospective by encouraging input. Thank you for correcting me.
Remote Stations count for DXCC K8YYY on 29/4/19
A lot of people feel that way too about using remote stations. Too bad no one from the League has explained the rationale and purpose for allowing it. Among the Dx’ers I know who are numerous, the consensus seems unanimous this cheapens the entire DXCC award.

Does no one from the League respond here?

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