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AM on HF - Are you with us ? Jul 26th 2011, 21:28 21 13,799 on 22/10/11
ARRL Politics Jul 26th 2011, 21:20 14 8,025 on 23/2/12

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AM on HF - Are you with us ? WA3VJB on 27/7/11
Thanks for reconsidering, and believe me, the "softer" stance such as you've taken is appreciated on the air, too.

I encounter folks who have no interest in AM, and have either heard about or directly carried a chip on their shoulder about our part of the hobby, for whatever reason historically.

When I compare it, in a discussion to the "old car hobby," the analogy seems to apply where older cars have their own merit as a snapshot in time. And as with vintage radios, working on them, using, and enjoying them, can build confidence and understanding for interest toward other, more contemporary projects.
AM on HF - Are you with us ? WA3VJB on 26/7/11
Please help establish through your responses whether the ARRL should place a greater emphasis on the activity of AM on HF.

A survey among three League regions found nearly 20 percent of the respondents listed AM among their activities on HF.

The survey, conducted by regional Directors, was never published nor distributed widely. The ARRL's Forum is another opportunity.
ARRL Politics WA3VJB on 26/7/11
I am pleased that this forum has been created. It has the potential for the League's administration to participate in public discussion of ways the ARRL could improve what it provides to the hobby.

Having read the entire list of restrictions (the "Rules"), they seem to offer protection, not punishment, for views that dissent from prevailing opinions in Newington. This forum can be a place to challenge, re-direct, and help shape the promotion of the hobby, regulatory activism, and the publishing emphasis at the ARRL.

Ideally, because it is open to public scrutiny, this forum will undercut the ability for individuals within the League's political structure to create negative, internal agendas that may not deserve the support of the greater Amateur community.

One example is the widely-reviled Segregation by Bandwidth controversy that came out of Newington a few years ago. Propagated chiefly by one belligerent (and now former) ARRL staffer, the regulatory proposal was withdrawn from the FCC before the agency could act, after the League's attorney found a variety of flaws in his document, and after comments filed on the FCC docket ran opposed on a ratio of about 6 to 1.

A forum like this could have documented the opposition to the League's scheme while it was still being pushed internally. A ranking ARRL official acknowledged that most of those who responded to a poll did not support the proposal, yet it was pushed into the FCC anyway.

I was among those opposed, because my part of the hobby was not protected from the potential effects of the ARRL's scheme.

I first joined the ARRL in 1973, and in all the time since then, have tried with limited success to convince those running the League about the need to treat more even-handedly the activity of AM on HF.

There are signs of progress, both in the magazine, QST, and in the receptiveness of the League's regional Directors to acknowledge our part of the hobby.

The AM Community is where thousands of active, concerned licensees form a vibrant, technically interested fa├žet that is very much in keeping with the basic mission of the Amateur Service.

As a point of progress to the League's credit, several Regional Directors in recent years conducted a survey of their constituents, and nearly 20 percent of the respondents listed AM among their activities on HF.

Yet, we do not see a commensurate level of coverage of the activity of AM in QST and other publications that the League produces about the variety of activities we all enjoy.

So, best wishes to an open and respectful discussion of League politics in all forms, including those like myself who wish to establish the merit of an area within the hobby that has been neglected, overlooked, or otherwise not included to the extent warranted by the level of participation found.


"Enjoying vintage AM on shortwave hobby radio"

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