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HF RF Tripping Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI's) W4TL on 1/8/14
Still waiting to see if Eaton will contact my landlord and replace the breakers in question. My landlord hasn't responded to my email and Joe Fello is on vacation until next week. According to Terry, there is still a problem with the new breakers. I wonder what could be done short of actual replacement. Because I am effecting my neighbors, I can't experiment. Marc WB2MSC
HF RF Tripping Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI's) W4TL on 20/7/14
I am having the same problem:

Moved into a new apartment with Eaton AFCI's
Trip two of them (15A) with HF signal on 20m and 15m
VHF/UHF seem unaffected (5W HT)
Cell Phones, remotes etc seem OK
Even my neighbors get their breakers tripped
Even if rig is on battery (FT897d) and power cranked down to 20w

Called Eaton and they were very nice. They wanted to come in and replace the breakers in my and my neighbors apartments.

I gave them the contact info for my landlord since these are rentals. Am still waiting.

Question: If landlord doesn't cooperate with Eaton is it true that I can transmit without repercussions since I am a licensed ham? Obviously, this won't earn me any friends. What are the laws regarding this? So far, I am handling matters quietly and cautiously.

Thanks, Marc WB2MSC

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