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Ethiopian jamming wiping out 40 meters W0BTU on 6/1/15
I know this is four years later...The short answer is NO. What can anyone do to stop the abuse of amateur radio spectrum outside the US and especially in some backward, civil war society like Ethiopia..and even in the US it takes too long for the FCC to do anything. There is constant abuse and loss of use of amateur frequencies perpetrated by experimental long range radar stations, SW broadcasters, and US and foreign militaries. And nobody can do anything about it.
Is it legal for a no code tech to operate SSB Phone 10 M? N8PIO on 6/1/15
If you attained your Tech license I assume you have your study book. Many of the questions in the pool include questions (and the answers are provided) as to which bands and modes a Tech can operate in. The answer is in these books so I recommend that you re-study this material to understand your privledges and limitations.

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