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question re FTDX 1200 clock Oct 26th 2017, 12:47 1 508 on 26/10/17
CW for stroke victim ? Jun 17th 2017, 13:45 1 1,356 on 17/6/17
power loss in tuner ? Jul 17th 2016, 00:37 3 646 on 18/7/16
questions about AM broadcast band images Aug 24th 2015, 13:20 2 877 on 24/8/15
Use of old laptop power packs ? Dec 28th 2014, 15:30 1 1,240 on 28/12/14
Strange RFI on 10 meters and 6 meters Jun 19th 2014, 17:12 2 1,418 on 19/6/14
Two important functions missing in new radios ? Feb 4th 2013, 15:16 5 2,208 on 28/2/13

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Open Letter AD8DT on 13/3/18
For at least the past few years, similar bad behavior has occurred regularly on 7200. The offenders do not identify, they play music and transmit on top of each other, believe that they own the frequency, and use a lot of profanity.

I have reported this to the League's OO, other League officials, and the FCC. So far, there has been an acknowledgement that the problem exists, but no action to clean it up. I appreciate the challenges in identifying the offenders, but surely something can be done.

I am most concerned that as we try to get new people involved with ham radio, especially youngsters, the problem will only serve to alienate them.

Any suggestions ?

Allan, AB3FN
a rig for the blind? maybe SDR? Alexa? KJ6BQM on 27/12/17
The Yaesu FT-450 has some type of voice announcement built in. I believe it can be set to announce frequency, mode, etc., but you should look at the specs for details. Although the radio has many features and capabilities, its relatively straightforward to operate, and I suspect the small number of buttons / knobs would be easy to memorize. Best wishes for your brother.
question re FTDX 1200 clock AB3FN on 26/10/17
I've got a FTDX1200, purchased new about 4 years ago. Works great, except a small problem has recently appeared. The internal clock gains or loses several hours, but the minutes is correct. For example, I set the clock to 1530, and a couple of days later it indicates 1230. Has anybody experienced this problem? Since the minutes is correct, I don't suspect a bad internal battery, but maybe my reasoning is faulty. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If you have previously changed the battery and/or board with the clock circuit, what is the easiest / best way to get to that? I'm an experienced tinkerer / builder, but haven't opened the radio up before and don't want to dig unnecessarily.
Thanks VERY much.
CW for stroke victim ? AB3FN on 17/6/17
Is anybody aware of a stroke victim who cannot speak communicating with his/her caretakers via code? For example, the person who had the stroke, but who still has mental acuity and use of one hand, might tap out a Morse message on a caretaker's hand. The communication might be facilitated by posting a Morse code chart on the wall, and instructing the stroke victim to tap slowly.

If you have any knowledge or experience in this area, I would like to hear from you. Please respond in this forum or to my email AB3FN at ARRL dot NET.

Thanks very much.

QST mobile reader which does not suck? piranha32 on 20/12/16
I had no problems in the past viewing QST on my iMac, but the new PageSuite implementation is impossible to read. The resolution is bad - everything is fuzzy regardless of the magnification / zoom. When zooming, for just a second or so everything seems to be in focus, but then the image deteriorates again. I emailed the circulation group, but wonder if I'm doing something wrong. Any suggestions from others who use an iMac ? Thanks.

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