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Kennwood sw 2000 meter repair Aug 26th 2012, 21:54 3 5,931 on 28/8/12

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Kennwood sw 2000 meter repair 2000372345H80 on 28/8/12
Thanks very much, I will look at the coupler to see what I have. All the best Don VA3DDW
Kennwood sw 2000 meter repair 2000372345H80 on 26/8/12
Has anyone run in to a problem with the Kenwood sw 2000 meters, or the wiring schematic as it is drawn. I just bought a meter in good shape but it is not working properly. On the 200 watt range 100 watts pin the meter, and on the 2kw range it reads on the 200 watt scale ok. I have a schematic for both the 200 watt version and the 2kw version and it looks like there is a problem with the factory wiring on the 2kw version. Has anyone run into this problem before? thanks and 73's Don VA3DDW

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