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Longwire Antenna WB8ZTP on 14/12/11
I found the 41' wire to be ample to consistently get good reports on 20M and above with freqs below 20M loosing distance with applied wave length (as expected).
N7GH clear.
Longwire Antenna WB8ZTP on 14/12/11
Well, as forgetful as I am... here's the actual link:
Longwire Antenna WB8ZTP on 14/12/11
Here is a web article on long wires, "random length". I've tried his lengths and they do work, very well on all bands, 160M through 10M, with a tuner. 20 bucks worth of wire from the hardware store and a good tuner and you're on the air!
73 de,
Les N7GH
Music W0BBZ on 14/12/11
The quick and easy answer is yes.

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