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Converting 3 element Yagi to 2 element Aug 3rd 2011, 14:22 3 2,444 on 3/8/11

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Converting 3 element Yagi to 2 element KE5WCP on 3/8/11
I've recently purchased a used 3 element Mosley 10 Meter monobander (CL-103). It's a to large for my 30 ft. push up pole. I would like to install only the driven element & radiator, but I do not know how well my yagi will work with out the director. Does anybody know if it will work, and, if so, how well. Here are the dimensions:

Distance between driven element & reflector: 81.5'
Reflector length: 220'
Driven Element length: 124'

KE5WCP, Stephen

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