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Looking For an Old QSL Card WA8OCL on 11/6/12
Hi guys, I just hope i'm putting this in the right place. This message is directed towards any hams that were in the game back in the early 60s. My father was active in 1962 - 1965 and I know he sent out a few QSL cards. I'm hoping someone out there still has one of his cards, and can live without it. Hi! His name was James H McLain WA8OCL
Middletown, Ohio. He ran mostly CW Yes I got his call when the vanity started. If any one has one of his cards, and doesn't mind letting go of it, I would be forever grateful. Thanks and 73.
Antron99 on HF WA8OCL on 15/10/11
Here are the specs on the antron 99:

The Solarcon A99 is a half wave over a quarter wave variable mutual inductance antenna for 10 to 17 meters. It features the Solarcon twin ring Adjust-A-Match system to obtain the optimum SWR. Simply raise the rings to raise the frequency or lower the rings to lower the resonant frequency.

The rugged three-piece white fiberglass construction features triple plated brass fittings.

This antenna is 17.75 feet (5.5 m) high. It has 3 dBi gain and the power limit is 2000 watts. Accepts PL-259 and mounts on a 1.5 inch mast (not supplied).

There is also an optional GPKT Ground Radial Kit available for improved performance.

The 10 turns of the coax is supposed to replace the GPKT Kit for decoupling the coax to keep it from radiating.
Antron99 on HF WA8OCL on 10/10/11
Hey Guys. I'm putting up an Antron 99 for 10 ~ 17 I am on a fixed income and have very limited space.
I had planned on adding the GPK1 radial kit but a fellow ham told me not to waste my money. According to him I should rap my coax 10 turns around a one pound coffee can about 2 feet below the antenna, and that would decouple the coax from radiating.

Now I was always told that doing something like that would create an RF coil which can change the impedance
or the inductance.

Any advice on this matter from our varied and intelligent experts would be greatly appreciated.

Coax = RG-8X @ 85 feet.
Antenna = Antron 99 @ 55 feet
Radio = Yaesu FT-757GX
Power = 125 Watts max

73 Pat McLain WA8OCL

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