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cable one digital box for cable tv Oct 29th 2014, 18:51 6 6,166 on 5/11/14

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cable one digital box for cable tv on 3/11/14
the boxes are the DMT 200 HD box we have found what was giving me the troubles it was the power plug it was a switching adapter plug we took that out of line and put a dif brand/ kind inline and every thing went back to normal. I know about the use a low as power as needed but seeing I have an amp and we was having troubles may as well trouble shoot with it all so for curing the problem as meny hams will use power. so if its fixed on 5 watts who know if it fixed on 500 so best to test it and find out. then have some other people/non hams having troubles of a ham driving by and knocking them off. as for the boxes I have 5 tv so I have 5 boxes all having the same troubles but its all fixed now it was on cableone the providers side with the bad switching adapters.
cable one digital box for cable tv on 29/10/14
ok I have thee new digital boxes for my cable tv and I am having trouble with the box every time I key my Hf radio any band any power from 5w-500w I turn the box off for the cable tv. the people of the cable station working with me to fix this problem so far we have tried high pass filters. on all in coming lines low pass filters on all my coax lines for the Hf radio. we have even tried hooking a cable digital box up a block away and I still turn it off I am waiting for a younger friend of my to help me get some ferrit bead's put on my coax to see if that will help. now the Highpass filter cableone gave me I was told starts at 54mhz--------- no idea. Now I have looked on line at the ham radio stores and they sell filters that filter from 0-52MHz so would it be worth trying the High pass filters from the ham stores?? now the only other ham in town that has the new cable box is having the same problems he is just running 5-100w

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