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Feed line for ADS-B receiving station Mar 1st 2017, 18:29 4 5,098 on 2/3/17

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Feed line for ADS-B receiving station KK4AGH on 2/3/17
Zack - Thanks for the info. You're right, it does seem like a lot of work to pick up .18dB on a signal that's all one and zeros. But I think I'll experiment with your suggestion just because it's fascinating. Do you have any construction plans for this? How do you keep the conductors separated and supported? Should this be inserted in the line just before the antenna? Don't guess I could buy an adapter Male-F to square tube.
Feed line for ADS-B receiving station KK4AGH on 1/3/17
I originally tried to email this question to Robert Nickels W9RAN who authored the QST article about this, but his email address listed in the article was rejected. Maybe someone else can advise me.

I'm using his instructions to build a coaxial collinear array antenna. He suggests using RG-6U coax to make the antenna elements and the feed line with F-type connectors (all inexpensive and available at Home Depot). RG-6u has 75 ohm characteristic impedance. The ADS-B dongle has an SMA type connector. The necessary adapter is Male SMA to female F-type, which is listed as 50 ohm. Is this mismatch an issue?

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