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Choke Balun for 6 meter. VE2GTN on 21/10/17
At that frequency, snap on ferrite cores would work better than lossy RG-58 wound in a coil.
Or you could use regular toroids stacked on the coax to choke any antenna currents on the shield.
However, if you are coming away from the dipole in a straight line for a non-resonant length, you may not need the choke, as the amount of current should be low and not mess with the antenna pattern.
If the coax comes away and then parallels the antenna, then even a choke may not work in reducing the currents and pattern distortion. You would need several chokes at intervals that are non-resonant to eliminate the currents.
Power line transformer interference? WA0DOM on 13/10/17
Not to mention if the power pole falls.

windmill as a tower KD7AXG on 13/10/17
You can contact any windmill manufacturer for wind loading and installation information.
Then you can find out what you need to do to have it installed to regulations for your area.
I sold off my windmill and tower, as I had found out it wasn't safe any more, and used windmill towers don' t last forever.

Home made mast for inverted 40-80 meter dipole k9zzp on 13/10/17
Hi Mary, Jeff here.

What is your expectation for the antenna?
Are you looking to increase performance as well as to get it outside for the shack move? If so, you may be disappointed.
At that height, you will see little improvement, and it may decrease performance due to many factors.

An 80 and 40 meter dipole or inverted V will benefit from height. The apex height isn't what you need to worry about, but,
the overall height. You would want a minimum of 1/4 wave length, with additional height being better.

If you are unable to do that, an alternative is a roof mounted mast and the antenna suspended from there.
I am not sure if you have a single or multiple story house, but any additional height will help.

If that is daunting, then a ground mounted vertical 1/4 wave with lots of radials would be much easier!


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