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FCC Dismisses Two Petitions from Radio Amateurs Jan 8th 2017, 18:51 3 1,506 on 4/4/17

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On the road freq's Marksail2 on 3/2/18
146.520 - has been the Post De Facto frequency for 2 meters FM - calling frequency for as long as I can remember...
How can I hear cw and hams again? WD6EJN on 3/2/18

There are several remote receiver type web sites available to you - to listen to HF radio...
Deliberate and constant interferance N9XAW on 8/1/17
The Maritime Moble net serves no legitimate purpose.
The only purpose it serves is to reserve a frequency for a special group of hams, so they can converse with goofballs and screwballs that wants to talk to someone but doesn't want to actually call CQ and doesn't actually want to say anything.
Listen to the conversations - it is all - wow - you are really strong here, your signal is 5/9.. I'm using a G5RV and XXX brand transceiver, thanks for being here, seventy three's.. Blah Blah Blah

The only legitimate purpose the net could possibly have is if all other forms of communications has failed, that someone distressed could possibly tune into the net, and if they could by chance be heard over all the LIDS giving their Seventy Threes - they could get a message thru, since the net runs 8 hours a day.

With all the other forums of radio available to someone at sea, amateur radio is probably the last resort for those people.
They have their own frequencies and they have other forms of communications at their disposal - such as a Sat Phone and digital modes available to them that is much more efficient then SSB Phone on 20 meters.

The problem with 20 meters is that it doesn't talk local.
Yes you can talk to someone when the band conditions permits, but if you were in Pennsylvania, your chances would be better of getting someone in California then it would be of talking to someone else in Pennsylvania or Ohio, New York, West Virginia.

It is the nature of the band for it to make longer hops then 40 or 75 / 80 meters...
FCC Dismisses Two Petitions from Radio Amateurs WD3D on 8/1/17
How many years has it been since the last Advanced or Novice License was issued. 2000?
That is 17 years ago........
Even if you only read one page of the license manual a day, The ARRL Extra Class License Manual is only 496 pages, cover to cover. In one year and 5 months you could have read it, and in 3 years you could have read it twice!
Geesh, how much more do we have to do to get them to upgrade?
California no hands law AI6OZ on 8/1/17
Why would it need to include CELL PHONES?

Cell phones is not amateur radio equipment, and you shouldn't ever hold anything against your ear while you are driving!
Distracted driving causes more wrecks then anything else.

If you included CELL PHONES - what would stop everyone from just getting a license so they could circumvent the rules?
What justifies allowing someone with an amateur radio license to break the rules that everyone else must follow?

You can Blue Tooth a cell phone, along with CB radios, there is no reason for someone to text while driving. That is what it all boils down to, people browsing and people texting.

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