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Question on 80Mtr Mini Beam Elements KG6INX on 25/3/17
I'm severely restricted as to antenna installation. In a 2 story house, surrounded by same, rented, small back yard, mostly cement. Terrible vertical performance, radials are almost impossible with all the cement. No roof access/mounting permitted, red adobe type tiles. Surrounding trees barely 10ft high, dwarf fruit. High to very high winds, summer high temps, Mojave desert.

I'd like to run this up the flag pole for you antenna guru's.

I have been mentally toying with a design of a light weight mini beam using thick wall PVC 1" OD 4ft center to end each half element. Director, radiator, and reflector. I believe if the antenna is light enough I could do a 15-20ft tilt up mast without going outside the triangular back yard

My idea is to use a 1/4 wave length of #16ga copper wound in coil fashion but spread to occupy each element half. I thought of this seeing a CB hand held with a flex ant on Ebay. This coil element type has been used on handhelds verticals and center loading verticals. Thought this may give me a bit more performance

One haunting issue ....the distance between elements along the there a way to reduced element spacing possibly via added inductance or someway to satisfy.

Thanks, 73's

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