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Kenwood TS-450S KJ6NAI on 18/2/21
Thanks Glenn,

I'll check things out.

Quote by W9IQ
You will need a 12 volt supply that is capable of supplying more than 20 amps. Most hams pick a 30 or 35 amp supply to have some "head room" for other accessories. Make sure to select a supply that is made for the ham market or it may generate a lot of interference.

The simplest antenna is a dipole. Get a copy of the ARRL Handbook to get some basic ideas how to construct one out of a couple of lengths of wire, some insulators and coax cable.

You may need a microphone for the radio if you are planning on talking on voice (SSB). Look in the manual for a compatible microphone model. If you are interested in CW (Morse code) then you will need a "key". Again the ARRL handbook can help you get an understanding of the various models, features and benefits.

Download a copy of the ARRL color band plan so that you know where you can operate and with what modes. Then get on the air and have your first QSO (contact with another station). It is a magical feeling.

- Glenn W9IQ
Kenwood TS-450S KJ6NAI on 8/2/21
CQ, — · — · — — · — ? :-D
Kenwood TS-450S KJ6NAI on 1/2/21
I'm really, really inexperienced with HAM operations and equipment.. just wanted to say that up front. :-)

I have two devices. One is a ICOM IC-W32A. I've used it once during my Technician class.

The other is the subject of this post... the Kenwood... that I've never used and is clearly missing a few things.

What I acquired is the unit itself, the handheld mic, and an 18" antenna pigtail that looks like it has a BNC connector. It's obviously missing some sort of power supply (the top/back says DC 13.8V, ACC 3, and GN, and the back panel says 20.5A underneath the DC label), an actual antenna, and some sort of grounding device. It also has a cool carrying strap.

So, my initial questions involve what else specifically do I need to get this Kenwood working. It would be used in a room in the house with normal 110VAC.

I have three manuals: Instruction Manual, External Control Manual, and AT-300 Instruction Manual. I also have the brochure that shows a standing mic (MC-60A), an external speaker (SP-31), a power supply (PS-52), and Digital Signal Processor (DSP-100).

I have pictures available on my Google Drive as follows:

Short URL is

All help appreciated!

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