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ZS6BKW Jul 15th 2012, 15:52 2 8,080 on 15/7/12
QRP logging Apr 23rd 2012, 02:30 2 13,559 on 23/4/12

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Restoration of the original Rag Chewers' Club Award NW7OR on 23/11/18
Yes, restore the Ragchew award. 100% in favor.
ZS6BKW W4RQ on 15/7/12
I plan to build this Optimized G5RV (with the top section 90.3 ft long) but my question is about the 450 ohm ladder line feeder length.
The antenna calls for 40 ft feeder ladder line, but if I am not going to use the antenna for 80 or 160 meters, can this 40 ft be shortened to 20 feet? and still be effective(ie: resonant) on 40 through 6 meters?
QRP logging W4RQ on 23/4/12
I like to run QRP, but do not want to keep a seperate log, but should I be keeping 2 logs?

I don't send CQ de W4RQ/QRP because I want to log and receive all QSL's addressed for W4RQ

Is this acceptable general practice?

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