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Fiberglass vs metal for mast material KB9MDQ on 16/7/13
I have a 45' tower over a house with a metal roof. I used metal conduit to run a 15' mast on top of that. This gets me to the top of the tree line right behind the house (I live on a river bank on a ridge).

Attached 10' up at the joint is my 160M OCF dipole. Attached at the top is my old Maldol Triband vertical.

The antenna folds over onto the roof making access to the top easy. I am thinking of decreasing the weight of the mast by switching to the fiberglass military mast,

My question is related to antenna performance when grounded to the metal mast (ground plane). the dipole obviously isn't. the vertical is via the antenna clamps by design.

Am I asking for performance trouble by doing this switch?

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