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Advice regarding Phone Sweepstakes jgortney on 25/11/11
Thanks for the advice. I worked a few hours on the Sweepstakes, I only logged 30 contacts but I am now up to 34 states for WAS. Talk about a fun weekend. I got two Canada stations Washington Oregan, anc California just to name a few. I am in Ohio using an old Icom IC-761 100w and a G5RV antenna so I was very impressed with the performance of my station.

I know I didn't work that many stations but it was fun anyway!!
Advice regarding Phone Sweepstakes jgortney on 15/11/11
I am a new General Class ham. I have only been active on HF for the past 8 days. I was thinking about participating in the Phone Sweepstakes this weekend but it has been a long time since I have done any contesting. The last I did was Field Day 10 years ago.

What advice can you offer me? I do not want to come across as a noob on the air this weekend!!

Thanks for all your help!
No rules when contesting???????? w3jkc on 15/11/11
I am in no way condoning intentional interference, but if another station is causing QRM on my QSO it is my job to work arround it. Here is why I feel this way.

During an emergency where our communications skills could be called into use we do not have the luxury to demand a "clear" QRM free frequency. We must be able to work with what we have at hand and get the message through as quickly as we can. Lives could be depending on us for that service.

I think the 3khz rule the OP was refering to is what is taught when you study to get your General license. I just passed General a few weeks ago and I used Gordon West's study material. On his audiobook he teaches that a SSB signal occupies about 3khz of bandwidth and to not interfere with another QSO, or accidently operate out of band be mindful of that 3khz. For example, since I am just a General, my SSB privledges at 80m start at 3.800 but I make sure before I ever key the mic i am at 3.803 or higher so I do not violate the band plan.

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