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Pros/Cons of ARRL as 501(c)3 vs. 501(c)4 Organization? K3FU on 7/7/17
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but this is something we're considering.

I'm with a RACES station that has an issue with the "communication with only other RACES stations" restriction, so ARES would be an alternative net style; however, we are closely aligned with local, county, and federal governments and offices, and the lobbying that ARRL does do under 501c3 is a concern. I realize the political goals of ARRL is to protect the rights of all amateur radio operators, but the legislative involvement is a risk for our needs.

Further separation of ARES from the policy work, regardless of the level of partisanship, would help us.

Could ARES work as a 501c6 branch, an association of radio clubs and operators for the unified purpose of public safety, out of the reach of 501c3's policy connections?

The 501c3 branch could continue education, VEC operations, outreach, and philanthropic work.

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