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Power Level Abbreviations and logging WD8DSB on 25/2/17
Simplest is to log it as indicated in the rules, using any shortcuts to indicate power. That's how I've done it, going back to BC (Before Computers).
Converting a 80M dipole to 160M ? hamwillyt on 9/2/17
Another trick is to drive your 80m dipole as a vertical with a "top hat" on 160m. By shorting the feedline at the bottom, you are now driving it against ground (it is now a vertical antenna). You now need a good radial system. If the feedline is close to one quarter wavelength on 80m, the overall length on 160m is about one quarter wavelength, and easily tuned.

I did exactly that w/ my 80m cage inverted vee. My feedline is about 85', and the ATU built into my Kenwood TS850SAT easily tunes it on 160m. I use a SPDT vacuum relay to do the switching at my ground bus outside the shack. Photos & text are on my Flickr page:

vy 73,
Bryan WA7PRC

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