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VoIP Echolink Contacts N6INMGLENN on 28/2/13
How much "skill" is involved with dialing up a contact on the internet like a phone call?
I have a very modest station here, run 100 watts into either an inverted vee or a homebrew vertical.
Just recently received my WAS basic and WAS Digital awards, earned but not applied for yet my DXCC Basic and Phone awards.

I too have trouble busting pileups, but I still do it! Even with 100 watts or less. Even broke a mild pileup with 5 watts into Belgium....the skill is knowing when to call.

Echolink and IRLP have their places, I use Echolink from time to time as well but in no way do I think it or IRLP should be considered for awards. Just absolutely no skill involved in making contacts.

My 2 cents.


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