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Wouxun KG-UVD1P Jimc621 on 11/5/12
I'm at my end trying to program this thing i have
used 2 or 3 different programs and using the manual.

Nothing seems to work. Can any one give me a
clue what to due or recommend another radio
that mite be a little easy.

I don't care if it a Hand held or Mobile.


Jim Russell

Programing Jimc621 on 21/3/12
I have a new WOUXUN KG - UVD1P.

Does anyone know of a place in central Florida that I can go too, to help me program this I have tried so many time's I have lost count.

If this is in the wrong forum I'm sorry about that
and please forward it to the proper place.

Jim Russell KK4FGS

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