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Lighting Protection Jartoc on 13/1/12
It would help if I provide some information on the equipment, my apologies!

The antenna is a Comet CSB-750A, and is for 2M/440MHz. I have it mounted on the side of my upper roof. Reception and transmission has been good.
Lighting Protection Jartoc on 13/1/12
I am new to the Ham world, just receiving my license in November. I opted to get a Kenwood mobile radio to use also as a base to be versatile. With that, I also purchased a Comet vehicle antenna to serve both the vehicle and base needs. The thing that I cannot understand is how to protect the equipment with a ligthing surpressor. I certainly know why it is needed, but in terms of installing one in my configuration I cannot find much information. Do I need one, where best should it be placed, and what would be a good surpressor are all things that I could use help on.

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