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Antenna switch question KF7SXD on 18/7/12
Me? Electronically talented? LOL

Thank you for the advice, I'm glad I asked before spending money. I like the patch panel solution as it will prevent any mistakes I might make. I really don't want to damage any equipment.
Antenna switch question KF7SXD on 17/7/12
I want the ability to use more than one radio with the same antenna without having to pull my rigs out and swap coax cables. Can I use a coax antenna switch in reverse (use the multiple port side for radios and the single port side to the antenna)?

I haven't found anything in the manufacturers info yet that says I can or can't use the switches this way, so I'd like some information before I order a switch.

Need help getting on the air KF7SXD on 16/7/12
I recently decided to go through the effort to convert my invert L to a vertical wire up one of the trees at the top portion of our backyard. I had installed a quarter-wave radial for 20m, 40m, and 80m, and had moderate results. I was able to receive much more than I had previously, but transmitting was still a problem. I was able to get out enough that a late night net was almost able to hear me, but not enough above the background noise to checkin. Then I added one more radial and tried again. This time I was trying to check in to the net during a solar flare and through thunderstorms between myself and the net control. He was actually able to pick me up through all of the noise at about an S5. I've ordered a connecting plate for my radials to make it easier to attach more wires (right now I just have several wires connected to the ground post of my balun). Once the plate arrives, I'm going to do a better job of laying down at least 16 radials and get them stapled down. I'm confident this will greatly improve my system's performance.
Thanks folks. :-)
Need help getting on the air KF7SXD on 8/7/12
I'm still using the end-fed wire, but I have added some radials to see if that would improve things. I added a quarter wave wire for 80m, 40m, and 20m so far. Right away I saw a difference in reception. I'm still undecided about whether I will continue to use this wire antenna or upgrade to something better. I'm leaning toward a vertical that I can maybe hide between the trees at the top of our property.
I have a question about creating an RF ground. I was reading an article that tells me it would be good to run a long counterpoise wire (such as around the entire house) and the author said to "tie it at the feed point" but I'm really not sure where exactly that is. Do I connect the counterpoise wire at the tuner ground lug where the AC ground is connected? Or is it out where the surge ground wire connects to the ground rod?
I sincerely appreciate the help, folks. I'm learning a lot, but I'm lacking in some basic fundamentals I think. Thanks also for being patient. :)
Need help getting on the air KF7SXD on 5/6/12
I went back to the manual and got the directions to switch to power meter mode on the display. The FT-817 shows P0, so it appears to be fried. The Kenwood, on the other hand, worked for a couple minutes after turning it on and then reverted to no power on output. It worked just long enough to get a good match from the autotuner before dying again.

The good news is that the tuner was able to give me a 1.2:1 match on the TS-430s, so I can tell the random wire works. The bad news is that I have two radios that can't transmit and now I get to talk to Yaesu about repairs.

Thank you all for the help.

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