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Antenna power limits Sep 26th 2012, 01:34 5 5,817 on 28/9/12

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Antenna power limits KB9YNC on 28/9/12
The antenna I want to use is a base loaded HT antenna I am sure it will handle 5w but I need to send data at a higher wattage. So duty cycle is also something I need to consider. Maybe I should just use my mobile antenna. Thanks everyone KB9YNC Bob
Antenna power limits KB9YNC on 26/9/12
The reason I am wondering is I am building a go kit with a Yeasu ft1500m. I want to use a telescoping antenna I bought but it doesn't have a power rating. So if I turn up the power and read it with a IR thermometer, when it starts to heat up that is the limit? Thanks
Antenna power limits KB9YNC on 26/9/12
What is the best way to determine how much power a homebrew antenna or one of unknown specifications can handle ?

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