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Learning About Toroids Jan 3rd 2013, 16:04 4 5,500 on 23/10/13

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Learning About Toroids dneale on 3/1/13

Thanks so much. Looks like everything I need is in the Handbook. My library is growing faster than I can assimilate it!


Learning About Toroids dneale on 3/1/13

As a new Extra I'm considering building some QRP CW gear. I have been building non-RF gear for many years. In the QST articles there are many different toroids used in the various designs.

I haven't found a resource that helps me understand the nomenclature used for the various ferrite/iron cores in different designs. Is there a reference that would help me understand what the various core designators mean? I looked at the Fair-Rite web site and see one of the numbers apparently indicates permeability. Are those numbers consistent across manufacturers? Is the other number size and if so how do they relate to dimensions? What do the letters FT, T, FB, mean?



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