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2M Interference--US Army JLENS Project Jan 8th 2015, 21:13 10 8,147 on 28/10/15

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2M Interference--US Army JLENS Project W3DAK on 1/3/15
There were 2 frequencies I heard those tones very clearly on using a scanner.
One was 138.400 MHz and the other was 149.400 MHz.
The strange thing is they seem to be changing the frequencies from time to time as sometimes I hear the interference but cannot track down what frequency it is on exactly with the equipment I have.


No other info at this time.
2M Interference--US Army JLENS Project W3DAK on 8/1/15
Has anyone in the Baltimore, MD. area experienced Multiple tones being generated all over the 2 Meter Band especially on Repeaters while they are transmitting at the higher end of the band. I first heard it on my External Speakers hooked up to my Kitchen TV, The TV was off and I was like WHAT THE HECK... I NEVER heard that before. What is this noise. I later went into the Mobile and heard it on 2 Meters. I then went into the house and tracked it down as best I could.

I believe that the US Army JLENS "Blimp" (technically called an Aerostat) is generating these tones around 149.400- 149.500 MHz and should be fairly strong for quite a few miles as it is tethered at 10,000 FT. I can only hear these tones when it is aloft in the air.

These tests are supposed to last for 3 years during good weather conditions. That is going to be awful for using 2 Meters around here at least.

If you would like to read more about it.....Type in JLENS in a Google search bar. There are plenty of articles about them.


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