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W1AW/P paper QSL's through bureau Jul 21st 2015, 22:46 3 1,072 on 4/4/16
Question about LOTW data entry Jul 13th 2012, 21:22 1 1,401 on 13/7/12
LOTW DATABASE ERROR Jul 4th 2012, 01:20 1 1,459 on 4/7/12
LOTW down since late evening 04/22/2012 Apr 23rd 2012, 11:43 4 1,733 on 13/6/12

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W1AW/P paper QSL's through bureau kg4tah on 21/7/15
I have several club members asking about the W1AW/p paper QSL's to be sent out through the bureau. Can we get an update when these may start going out so I can forward the information to my membership.

President of NC4AR, Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
Get ARRL Calendar data into our Calendars W7PEA on 21/7/15
I would love to see this feature!
Question about LOTW data entry kg4tah on 13/7/12
I have been using LOTW now since January and I have a general question about data entry. I know both parties time must match +- 30 min but how about the frequency? Say for example 18.113.5. Should I enter it as 18.113 or 18.114 or 18.1135. I don't want to risk loosing a credit due to not entering a matching frequency due to being a few kHz off. Thanks for any reply!
LOTW DATABASE ERROR kg4tah on 4/7/12
I just wanted to bring this to someone's attention.
7/3/2012 21:19 edt

Fatal error: initializeLOTWDB: -709 - CONNECT: (protocol error): General database error [initializeLOTWDB: -709 - CONNECT: (protocol error)]
LOTW down since late evening 04/22/2012 kg4tah on 23/4/12
I have been unable to pull up the LOTW page since late yesterday evening. Not sure if this has been brought to anyones attention. Thanks

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