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146-172 Motorola PURC transmitter continuous duty WA3TJO on 6/9/12
I have the opportunity to purchase two Motorola PURC5000 continuous duty transmitters. The model number of both units is C73JLB1101A. Presently they are on 158.??? The seller was reading specs to me and stated 146-172. ARE these units that broadband?
If anyone has any information about these please email me at new (at) sumomax (dot) com

Lastly, if anyone wants one or both of these please contact me. I was told that they look like new. Any advice would be appreciated. 73, Len, WA3TJO
Hello Everyone! Thanks so much for your advice and comments. The brand of the cable is Times Fiber. The roll is brand new but it was purchased 15 years ago! Before copper was like gold! I actually have some new connectors for it. NOW! The BIG problem is.....where the heck did I put that spool of cable! I found cable I didn't know I even owned, but for the one I'm looking for, well, I'm going to keep searching until I find it. I'm just wondering how good the grounded metal roof on our hay barn will do as far as a ground plane. I am mostly on 20m . I suppose I'll find out soon as I find the cable. Thanks again guys! 73, Len
Recently I had a new metal roof installed on my home and garage. My XYL "convinced" that my 4BTV should be moved away from my home. The nearest practical location is a hay barn about 110 feet from my shack. I have a roll of quad shielded flooded direct burial coax. The coax is 75 ohm. An Elmer just told me that the ONLY thing he uses to all his antennas is 75 ohm surplus cable tv cable.
The product I have would be a couple steps higher I feel. What do others think about using 75 ohm cable for a 110 foot run to a 4BTV? Note: the hay barn also has a metal roof. 73, Len in Colorado

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