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CWL and CWU Feb 25th 2014, 02:55 6 13,749 on 5/4/14

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CWL and CWU VA3ABN on 26/2/14
Thanks Zack

My question isn't in regards to a rig that I may have. I built a QRP SSB rig and was investigating the possibility of adding CW. In my research I came across CWL/CWU and was wondering if this is something I should be looking at.

CWL and CWU VA3ABN on 25/2/14
Thank you Martin. Can I assume that on 7 MHZ (40M) and lower is for CWL and CWU for above 7 MHZ, like as in SSB?

73 Ken VA3ABN
CWL and CWU VA3ABN on 25/2/14
I have read and heard aboutCWL/CWU, but I am unable to find any information on what it is exactly? I know what CW is, but never knew there was a lower/upper side like in SSB.


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