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Ideas for an Apartment Balcany Antenna WA2FTV on 21/4/12
Greetings Everyone,

I am looking for ideas for HF antennas (80-10) that would fit on an apartment balcany that measures about 9' 6" x 10'6" x 5'. The outside of the apartment complex buildings have aluminum siding.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

QSL Card Call Sign Format WA2FTV on 12/3/12
Hello Everybody,

I have a QSL card callsign format that I would like some feedback on.

I moved to a new call area a few years ago and still have my original callsign, which I plan on keeping. Does anyone every have their QSL cards print with their callsign and the portable location included. Using my own callsign as an example. WA2FTV/4 Is this ever done?

I am thinking about doing this when I order my qsl cards here shortly.

Thank you.


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