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Sheet Metal Fabricator for HAM Projects Jan 13th 2018, 12:09 3 1,641 on 30/3/18
Accu-Keyer and Accu-Memory Boards or Artwork Nov 26th 2017, 18:07 5 2,372 on 9/12/18
450Ω vs 600Ω ladder linr to feed loop antenna using 4:1 Balun Apr 17th 2017, 18:36 2 1,077 on 21/4/17
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IC DIP Sockets - Gold Plated vs Tin Plated WA2FTV on 12/12/18
Hello Everybody,

Does anyone here on the forum know if there are any advantages of using gold plated IC Sockets over tin plated IC sockets for soldering into a through-hole technology circuit board to justify the extra cost (2X) of the gold plated sockets?

I am rebuilding a vintage keyer with an updated circuit board and do not know if I should purchased gold plated or tin plated IC sockets.

Regarding the IC sockets, I am referring to the pins of the socket that are soldered into the circuit board.

Thank You for your assistance and 73's

Pure Sine Wave Inverter with low/no EMI WA2FTV on 2/10/18
Hello Everybody,

I am thinking about purchasing a pure sine wave inverter.

Does any body know of who manufactures a quality unit that is quiet EMI/RFI wise?

I am thinking of 1000W - 3000W range.

Thank You and 73's

Sheet Metal Fabricator for HAM Projects WA2FTV on 13/1/18
Hello Everybody

Does anyone know if there exists any sheet metal fabricators that would cater to the amateur radio hobbyist market.

I like in an apartment and do not have the space for such tools.

A search of the local makerspace organizations do not seem to have the equipment required.

There is a project that I would like to duplicate in one of ARRL's specialized publications that requires an electronic enclosure. A web search has not yielded any satisfactory results.

Please reply to this forum if you know of any such organization or company.

Thank You and 73s

Accu-Keyer and Accu-Memory Boards or Artwork WA2FTV on 30/11/17
I contacted FAR Circuits as suggested.

They never made these circuit boards. So they do not have the files.

I seem to recall that circuit board artwork for a variety of projects was in the annual ARRL hand book some years back. Does anyone know if the artwork was published in the ARRL handbook and what years for the Accu-Keyer and Accu-Memory?

Contributors on the various ham radio forums have indicated that the artwork might be in the 1977 ARRL handbook. Can someone verify this info?

FAR Circuits can make the circuit boards from a good copy.

The articles that I downloaded from the ARRL website included the artwork for the circuit boards, however, they were not clear copies. You can barely see the traces.

Any assistance that can be provided would be appreciated.

Thank You and 73's


Accu-Keyer and Accu-Memory Boards or Artwork WA2FTV on 26/11/17
Greetings Everybody,

I hope that this is the right area for this question.

I am wondering if anybody knows if there is a source for the artwork (circuit board layout) for the Accu-Keyer designed by WB4VVF and the Accu-Memory designed by WB4VVF along with W4YUU in 1973 and 1975 respectively.

I doubt that the circuit boards are available. If they are I would purchase a set or two.

I have downloaded the articles from ARRL's website. The circuit board layouts are not clear.

While in college in the late 1970's, I built an Accu-Keyer. I would like to build a second one due to job travel. I never built the Accu-Memory. I would like to build one, maybe two.

I believe that I have located a few sources for parts on the secondary market.

The original design uses the 7400 series of TTL logic chips. Does anybody know or have experience with the other TTL logic families (74LS, 74HC, 74HCT, etc.) in these designs and know how well the Accu-Keyer and Accu-Memory would operate? Any issues to be aware of?

I know that you do not mix families of logic types. What every I purchase will be of the same family.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You and 73's


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