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Dipole or loop? KO0Y on 1/9/14
I shortened the feed line by about 14 feet, which did shift the impedance curves upward enough to make the 4.2 MHz region easier to tune. I wish I could attach those graphs here, but doesn't seem possible. Two dipoles would be better, I can see, but that is a project that will have to wait. Thanks again for all comments; I'm beginning to understand this a bit better now.
Dipole or loop? KO0Y on 27/8/14
I bought a 1:1 maxi-core balun from DX, and (for now) left everything else the same(150 foot dipole, 90 feet 300 ohm twin lead to shack). I used a RigExpert to measure SWR and Z with this balun.

From 2 to 10 MHz, more than half of the range is 200 ohms or lower, so I guess it's good that I didn't get the DX 4:1 balun. Z peaks at 1200 ohms around 4.2 MHz, which is unfortunately near my primary MARS frequency. I notice that it is difficult to tune there, and cannot get SWR much below 2:1.

The antenna is resonant at 3.62 MHz, which is higher than the length of 150 feet would suggest. Is this because it is low (22-24 feet) off the ground?

I could hang a longer dipole, but not higher. DX suggests 220 feet for a multi-band non-resonant antenna, and I could go as long as 260 feet. Would that shift the impedance peak, as well as resonance, downward?
Dipole or loop? KO0Y on 19/8/14
Thanks, Nate. My understanding now is that the function of ladder line is to reduce loss on long runs from the shack. Since it is only 90 feet at most, it would be better to hang a balun at the center point (which is supported by a mast), and use 213 coax from there. Please correct me if this is wrong.
Dipole or loop? KO0Y on 19/8/14
Thanks, Zack; I'll continue with the dipole and just replace the feed line. I am planning to use one of the Comtek baluns sold by DX Engineering; these have excellent reviews on eham, and seem well-constructed. Their site recommends 1:1 for dipole, but you are saying that may supply out-of-range impedance to the tuner.

I also have a mechanical tuner (MFJ-949E) and that will tune a broader range, but it is slower, and I can't use it with ALE. So I guess my question would be: how much power might I give up for the convenience of the auto-tune? By the way, I operate at 100 watts with no intent to use an amp. Thanks again for advice.
Dipole or loop? KO0Y on 19/8/14
My QTH is good in that I have a large area with many pine trees in back of the house, to put up wire. It is bad in that none of the trees are very high (30 feet or so), and the earth is poor (granite mountainside). I have a Hustler vertical with many radials for 30 meters and above, and use wire for 40 meters and down. I am active in MARS, so transmit outside the amateur bands as well.

At present, I have a 150' dipole, center fed with 300 ohm ladder line to a 4:1 balun in the shack. It works ok, but I often have to resort to the mechanical tuner as the electronic tuner (LDG YT-100) cannot handle the mismatch. The run is not long, about 90' total, so I think I should replace this setup with coax run to a good 1:1 balun at the center of the dipole. (Someone tell me if I'm wrong on this).

My other question is whether I should keep the dipole as it is and just replace the feed line setup, or string a horizontal loop. I could probably hang as much as 500-600' feet in 4 to 6 trees. Would that work better than the dipole? The objective is not resonance, since I operate over a wide range, but as much as possible of the HF band under 10:1 SWR so the electronic tuner can handle it. Also, I would trade DX for omni-direction radiation. Thanks for any help.

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