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Antenna Placement Feb 8th 2018, 18:12 2 7,182 on 9/2/18
Ladder Line 'losses near metal' Jan 23rd 2018, 17:51 2 5,999 on 24/1/18

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Antenna Placement KB0PDK on 8/2/18
Can anyone give me a definitive answer to placement of ones antenna. As I read NEC and books it seems that all antennas are place over bare earth. For us that live in confined quarters and need to place our antennas on the roof of our dwellings can any one tell me if NEC programs regarding height is equal on a meter to meter basis if place over bare ground or a roof.

Thanks for the help;
Ladder Line 'losses near metal' KB0PDK on 23/1/18
I am thinking of adding an antenna and feeding it with 450 ohm Ladder Line. However my run would cross a suspended ceiling as well as furnace ducts and the metal suspended ceiling rails. Can I run the Ladder Line in PVC pipe across these issues in order to keep the Ladder Line away from metal?

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