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FCC News: Kansas Ham Issued $10,000 Fine for Operation of Unlicensed Broadcast Station K9YC on 17/2/13
Quote by N9XAW
Too bad the FCC can't monitor 14.313. They could issue fines all day long there but really don't seem to care about the ham bands.

That's very true. Why was Laura Smith hired for exactly?
Finally a member K8CPA on 29/12/12
Quote by N0NB
Welcome aboard.

73, de Nate >>

Thanks. :D
Finally a member K8CPA on 27/12/12
After many years of being a fist-shaking outsider. I finally plunked down my dough and became a member.

I shall try to contain my excitement. ;)

When I'm not playing radio, I write here:

It's my little spot on the 'net.

The new site is great, much has change since I first was licensed in 1989.

73 to all and I'll be lurking around here.

-Chuck K8CPA

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