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'T' or 'F' - "If you hear 'em you can work 'em" xof7fox on 14/7/22
Thanks Zak. Confirming receipt. ~ Fred.
'T' or 'F' - "If you hear 'em you can work 'em" xof7fox on 14/7/22
W1VT - Still hoping to hear from you.
'T' or 'F' - "If you hear 'em you can work 'em" xof7fox on 14/6/22
W1VT ~ Thank you. Would you say that, therefore, "1." is generally not necessarily True, and that "2." generally is True?
'T' or 'F' - "If you hear 'em you can work 'em" xof7fox on 7/6/22
I hear with some frequency, what to me seems to be opposing 'true-isms,' and would like help with how can both be true?
Thank you in advance for your time and your thoughts....
What I am calling the common 'true-ism' are as follows:
1. "If you can hear 'em you can work 'em."
2. "It is much easier (i.e., requires much less 'power.') to hear than it does to successfully broadcast."
Regarding "1.," there are many times on VHF using an HT that I can hear repeaters or simplex and I simply lack the power to "work 'em." Same with HF (though, repeaters are seldom 'part of the mix.' : ).
Again, thx,
Fred. K4XXK.
Qs on Forums Settings - Thx..... xof7fox on 31/1/21
Apologies in advance if I should have already figured this out; although I have spent enough time to no avail ... so I now need to post to get your help....
Are there any of the following Settings Options:
1. "Unread Posts Since Last Sign On?"
2. "Mark all Posts Read?"
3. "Sort Posts by most recent to least recent?"
4. "Stay Signed-On?"
5. "Preview my Post before submitting?"
Many thanks,

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