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Qs on Forums Settings - Thx..... Jan 31st 2021, 08:05 1 1,265 on 31/1/21
'Random Wire Receiving Antennas' - Gen'l Question... Aug 14th 2015, 17:08 3 3,048 on 17/8/15
Q on dBi, dBd & dB(nothing) vendor data? Nov 20th 2014, 20:31 2 2,804 on 21/11/14
Drone aka UAV to put up stationary antenna? Aug 12th 2014, 21:57 9 4,901 on 23/12/17
If I am Tx'ing a VHF GrndWave of how much value is a Beam Antenna? Jan 6th 2014, 16:54 4 2,763 on 14/1/14
Impedance per current General Manual p.6-6/fig.6-5 ? Nov 13th 2013, 16:48 1 2,721 on 13/11/13
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Impedance Matching HF Aug 1st 2013, 22:18 3 4,003 on 3/8/13
Folded Dipole 40M Aug 1st 2013, 22:04 3 3,179 on 17/9/13

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Qs on Forums Settings - Thx..... xof7fox on 31/1/21
Apologies in advance if I should have already figured this out; although I have spent enough time to no avail ... so I now need to post to get your help....
Are there any of the following Settings Options:
1. "Unread Posts Since Last Sign On?"
2. "Mark all Posts Read?"
3. "Sort Posts by most recent to least recent?"
4. "Stay Signed-On?"
5. "Preview my Post before submitting?"
Many thanks,
'Random Wire Receiving Antennas' - Gen'l Question... xof7fox on 17/8/15
Thank you Zack. - Fred.
'Random Wire Receiving Antennas' - Gen'l Question... xof7fox on 14/8/15
Is it correct to 'generally' expect that for purely receiving voice (this question is not about transmitting) via a random wire for HF (AM or SSB) &/or VHF (FM) &/or UHF (FM) that I will receive more and clearer if I ALWAYS connect the antenna wire to a ground rod? Thx. - Fred.
Q on dBi, dBd & dB(nothing) vendor data? xof7fox on 20/11/14
When vendors (or even authors of some technical papers) report Antenna Gain with no relative reference to "i"-isotropic (dBi) or "d"-dipole (dBd), and therefore report the gain as simply a certain amount of dB, e.g., 3dB, should one assume that it means the same as dBi? I know that Antenna Gain is always a number that is relative to "something," and yet, as I have said, I see Antenna Gain from time to time reported with no reference to "i" or "d." Many thanks - Fred K4XXK.
Drone aka UAV to put up stationary antenna? xof7fox on 12/8/14
I have done a little time on the internet and found no experimentation, let alone commercial applications, of using drones (aka, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles aka UAVs) to position an antenna and 'sort of' hold it 'in place.' While realizing that this could take more drone heft to lift and hold any antenna that is technologically practical/feasible, I am still brazen enough to risk the embarrassment of posting herein / asking the question. Thanks (I am thinking I just might be hearing laughter in the background? :- ).

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