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CHIRP kb1yvr on 31/10/14
I just got a Baofeng UV-5Ra. It was recommended to me that I use CHIRP as the programing software for the radio.

After downloading CHIRP successfully I followed the instructions to first Download from the Radio, then after programming in local repeaters I successfully uploaded them to the radio. Everything appears to have worked just fine.

Several days later I updated the repeater list, and attempted to upload the revised repeater list to the radio. Now the program will neither Download from the Radio nor Upload the revised list to the Radio. It jstu gives an error message.

Does anyone know why?
FLdigi to N1MM logger kb1yvr on 28/4/14
Thank you for the info K0STK. Unfortunately I was not able to follow those instructions successfully.

I still need some help, if anyone can provide it. step by step instructions would be best if you can provide them.
FLdigi to N1MM logger kb1yvr on 24/4/14
Can anyone tell me how to get my FLdigi logger to send it files to the N1MM logger?

Probably something simple that I am missing, but right now i am stumped.

N1MM kb1yvr on 24/4/14
I am preparing for my first digital contest using FLdigi in the PSK31 mode. My rig is Kenwood TS-590. The rig talks to my PC through the sound card in the PC running Windows 7. No problem there.

I have also downloaded the N1MM logger which seems to be running ok if I log contacts manually.

What I cannot figure out is how to get the FLdigi logger to the N1MM logger. It is probably something simple staring me in the face but right now I am stumped. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Troubleshooting Fldigi kb1yvr on 9/3/14
Well thanks to Martin AA6E, it appears that the mystery is solved, although not in the way I expected. In preparation to delete and reload Fldigi I began taking screen shots of all of the Operator Config menus to ensure proper set up.

Low and behold, in the Op Config/UI/Macros menu I noticed that the "Load last used macros on file start up" option was not checked. So before going to the trouble of deleting and reloading I selected that option, saved the file, then closed and re-opened Fldigi. Voila! Problem solved.

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