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Troubleshooting Fldigi KB1YVR on 9/3/14
Well thanks to Martin AA6E, it appears that the mystery is solved, although not in the way I expected. In preparation to delete and reload Fldigi I began taking screen shots of all of the Operator Config menus to ensure proper set up.

Low and behold, in the Op Config/UI/Macros menu I noticed that the "Load last used macros on file start up" option was not checked. So before going to the trouble of deleting and reloading I selected that option, saved the file, then closed and re-opened Fldigi. Voila! Problem solved.
Troubleshooting Fldigi KB1YVR on 9/3/14
Thanks Martin. I will give this a try, and post the result here for everyone's benefit.
Troubleshooting Fldigi KB1YVR on 9/3/14
I am running Fldigi 3.21.78 on a Dell which was recently updated to run Windows 7. My rig is a Kenwood TS-590s.

Since updating to Windows 7, the "Brag" macros will not save information. Information entered once applied will execute, but in spite of using File/Macros/Save before exiting the program the presumably saved info is gone the next time the program is opened.

Any insight would be helpful.
PSK on a TS-590 s ? KB1YVR on 26/3/13
Thanks W1VT for the resource.

Problem is resolved. I noticed that in the Windows sound card drop down menu Audio CODEC was not displayed. Is should have been.

In the fldigi Configure menu click Audio, then click Right Channel, then select Reverse left/Right channels. Without this the radio does not transmit a digital signal. Ian Wade G3NRW saves the day again with his excellent resource documents on TS-590 s. Here is the link with complete step by step instructions. Good luck all see on the waterfall.
PSK on a TS-590 s ? KB1YVR on 25/3/13
Thanks for the reply KB0HAE. As a new Ham I have only one transceiver at the moment, but I will ask a fellow ham who is PSK savvy to help me run some tests. I have not found similar problems mentioned on the net, but anytime anyone has any connectivity problem on the 590, the third party Virtual COM Port driver that in necessary to enable USB connections is always a favorite suspect. I am thinking this is not my problem because the COMPort is working as it should for phone operation with Kenwood's ARCP.

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