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N1MM Apr 24th, 22:51 2 472 on 29/4/14
Troubleshooting Fldigi Mar 9th, 00:10 4 448 on 9/3/14
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FLdigi to N1MM logger kb1yvr on 28/4/14
Thank you for the info K0STK. Unfortunately I was not able to follow those instructions successfully.

I still need some help, if anyone can provide it. step by step instructions would be best if you can provide them.
FLdigi to N1MM logger kb1yvr on 24/4/14
Can anyone tell me how to get my FLdigi logger to send it files to the N1MM logger?

Probably something simple that I am missing, but right now i am stumped.

N1MM kb1yvr on 24/4/14
I am preparing for my first digital contest using FLdigi in the PSK31 mode. My rig is Kenwood TS-590. The rig talks to my PC through the sound card in the PC running Windows 7. No problem there.

I have also downloaded the N1MM logger which seems to be running ok if I log contacts manually.

What I cannot figure out is how to get the FLdigi logger to the N1MM logger. It is probably something simple staring me in the face but right now I am stumped. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Troubleshooting Fldigi kb1yvr on 9/3/14
Well thanks to Martin AA6E, it appears that the mystery is solved, although not in the way I expected. In preparation to delete and reload Fldigi I began taking screen shots of all of the Operator Config menus to ensure proper set up.

Low and behold, in the Op Config/UI/Macros menu I noticed that the "Load last used macros on file start up" option was not checked. So before going to the trouble of deleting and reloading I selected that option, saved the file, then closed and re-opened Fldigi. Voila! Problem solved.
Troubleshooting Fldigi kb1yvr on 9/3/14
Thanks Martin. I will give this a try, and post the result here for everyone's benefit.

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