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LED light bulbs cause RFI NN7D on 25/5/19
I pulled up in the driveway of my home this morning and noticed an S4 to S5 noise level on my 2m FM rig in my pickup truck -- the noise was so strong and rough that it could clearly be heard on top of local repeaters. So out came the SDR receiver, laptop, and portable antenna to locate the source. Much to my surprise, it turned out to be five 13w FEIT Electric, 750 Lumen, 2700K bulbs in the ceiling downlight fixtures. I've heard similar noise from certain light dimmers (sounds like a rough 120hz noise + hash, all the way up deep into VHF spectrum) -- but there is no dimmer on this circuit. 25 minutes later, I installed good old-fashioned incandescent 45 watt bulbs, and the LED bulbs will go to someone who needs them. Problem solved.

Once I find a source for LED BR30 type bulbs that I know are absolutely quiet, I'll gladly buy them. Until then, I'm staying with Edison's invention.

Note: The markings on the BR30 FEIT Bulbs were 13W 120VAC, BPCEBR30/927/LED/2, 105mA, 750 Lumens, 2700K CCT)

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