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Noise canceler ? KF5VPK on 9/2/14
I did the rf choke balun between my xcvr and my antenna mentikoned in the book 'Stealth Antennas'. I can now hear some local hams on various bands.
Noise canceler ? KF5VPK on 17/1/14
I'll be moving to a rural area in a few months... so it looks like by the time I can buy this, I'll no longer need it.
RFI from outside my radio ? KF5VPK on 17/1/14
I tried making the 1:1 choke balun mentioned in 'Stealth Antennas' and it did reduce my RFI. I can hear some SSB chatter now on 20m.

The RFI is still there, but the AF volume control has an effect now.

Yes, the book that is available via the ARRL store.
Noise canceler ? KF5VPK on 8/1/14
I was looking around online today and I noticed that DX Engineering and MFJ Enterprises makes noise cancelers.

They go between antenna and xcvr.

transceiver ->noise canceler-> antenna and tuner.

Evidently they alter the antenna pattern and blank out noise.

Of course, if the RFI and the signal you want are in the same direction, that is a problem.

How well do they work ? Do they work at all ?

Confused about LotW kf5nrp on 7/1/14
Got the postcard, typed in the info, got my certificate. Added it to TQSL program. Working easy so far.

I did notice that the station location edit didn't go to next after I entered state and county. I had to go back one Next button, then go forward Next button to get to state and county a second time. Then the next button to complete station location to finish up became available.

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