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HOAs have their own Union! K4KYV on 9/10/14
My opinion is that HOA contracts are just nosey people pretending to have other homeowners' 'look of their property' in mind.

Some of my relatives went to buy a house, and were told thety had to buy their fence, but were required to get a fence, from the HOA. They said 'isn't that a conflict of interest ?' and were told if they continued to question the HOA, the police would be called.

HOAs seems like a nut group to me.

While it is possible some HOAs are nice people, I've never heard of such a HOA version.
HOAs have their own Union! K4KYV on 8/10/14
I have never been impressed by HOAs. My property is mine, not theirs.

Jim/N4AAB new vanity license. Oct 8, 2014, still General class.
40 meters SSB K2ADK on 24/8/14
I agree most of it does seem to be religious SWBC, but I did hear last week some Romanian SWBC doing a travelogue on the Carpathian Mountains. Protected species, tree types, etc.
40 meters SSB K2ADK on 7/8/14
Looking through my copy of WRTH ( world radio and tv handbook) the number of short wave broadcasters has dropped greatly. Many have gone to web sites.

I have a 5btv antenna and when I get electricity out ot my ham shack, I'll try 40 and 20 meters.
Upgraded to General KE4RWD on 25/7/14
I got my technician license in May of 2013, and then my general in June, of 2013. My expiration date didn't change. Just my license class changed.

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