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paperwork needed in moving my QTH ? Jun 7th, 17:46 4 837 on 15/6/14
Noise canceler ? Jan 8th, 22:15 4 356 on 9/2/14
RFI from outside my radio ? Jan 3rd, 11:47 5 445 on 17/1/14
RTTY with arduino and HF rig ? Oct 21st 2013, 11:34 7 952 on 4/1/14
And now I am General class Passed my US Technician license test today May 4th 2013, 20:51 10 1,127 on 26/6/13
emailing QSLs ? Jan 25th 2013, 23:49 5 733 on 27/1/13

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40 meters SSB K2ADK on 24/8/14
I agree most of it does seem to be religious SWBC, but I did hear last week some Romanian SWBC doing a travelogue on the Carpathian Mountains. Protected species, tree types, etc.
40 meters SSB K2ADK on 7/8/14
Looking through my copy of WRTH ( world radio and tv handbook) the number of short wave broadcasters has dropped greatly. Many have gone to web sites.

I have a 5btv antenna and when I get electricity out ot my ham shack, I'll try 40 and 20 meters.
Upgraded to General KE4RWD on 25/7/14
I got my technician license in May of 2013, and then my general in June, of 2013. My expiration date didn't change. Just my license class changed.
paperwork needed in moving my QTH ? KF5VPK on 15/6/14
Never mind, a non-ham helped me find the information I needed.
ARRL email forwarding not operational? KK0DJ on 14/6/14
Got through. Glad to help you.

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