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Where is the link to download WAS Application Form? Jan 30th 2014, 20:17 1 7,409 on 30/1/14

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Looking for an old QSL Card - K4IBJ K0STK on 10/2/14
I'm also looking for a QSL card from an old friend, who became a SK (in May, 2002), before I became an operator. He was W3AMB/Chuck Martin.
Where is the link to download WAS Application Form? xcalibur on 30/1/14
It is VERY difficult to find the link to download the (.pdf) file for the WAS Award from the ARRL website, especially if you want to avoid using LoTW, (and use the traditional QSL Card only method, instead). If you type "WAS" into the search box at the top of the page, it takes you to the WAS page. Then, you naturaly select "WAS Forms", the third item on the left side of the page. This takes you to a very boring page titled "WAS Paper Application" that implies that you can no longer use (just) traditional QSL cards to get the award. It educates you for about 178 words on how to processs a "hybrid" application, whether you want to or not. Then it proceeds with a 60 word advertisement about the benefits of LoTW, even though you never asked for it. Next, you are presented with the directions for processing all 4 of the LoTW screens of the software you are trying to avoid (~134 more words). IF you are still awake after all this, finally there is a secret, hidden ("Where's Waldo?") link at the bottom of the page called "Go Now". But if you didn't read through all the superfluous instructions first, and then scroll down to the absolute bottom of the page, you would never find it. It's NOT highlighted, and almost the same blue color as the 5-band WAS links below it. "Where's Waldo" would be a GIFT at this point ! This link should be moved to the top of the page, and highlighted to be more user-friendly.

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